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A Photographer's Secret About The Sun

"The sun is bright. When you photograph people, have them face the sun so they'll be lit. It almost seems obvious, right?

What would you say if I told you that having people face the sun for photos is totally, completely, utterly wrong?"

natural light portrait of mother and daughter

You WON'T get pneumonia from going to bed with your hair wet, girls ARE good at math, and no, your face WON'T freeze like that if the wind changes. Let's face it, our parents were wrong about a few things. Never more so than when they told you to have people face the sun when photographing them. That old chestnut may have been a rule in the times of dinosaurs and film, but nowadays we have digital sensors with ample dynamic range, speedlights for fill light and post processing software our caveman parents could only dream of.

As is so often the case, it's not just as simple is breaking the rules, you've got to break the rules well and this is what our own Aaron Taylor explains how to do in his article, A Photographer's Secret About The Sun.

- Foreword by Tracy Munson

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