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Who We Are
Why We're Here

Photographers' Cooperative is a lucky accident that brought together a bunch of photographers who wanted an intelligent, open, and accepting place to share all sorts of things related to photography. We aim to provide the photography world with passionate content that is unencumbered by ever changing algorithms and stays true to our love for the art, science, and creativity of photography. We're here to support each other's work and inspire the work of others. We share our perspectives from a diverse set of skills, businesses, and styles. Come along with us as you continue your photography journey.





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Aaron Grubb - Weddings, Portraits, & Real Estate, Videography


Stanley Harper - Senior, Wedding, Weather & Night Photography


Mark Morris - Portraits & Concert/Performance Photography, Gear


Tracy Munson - Landscape, Wildlife & Pet Photography, Photoshop


Lee Shelley - Commercial & Product Photography, Studio Lighting


Erika Sneeringer - Family and Wedding Photographer


Aaron Taylor - Portrait & Event Photography, Off Camera Flash

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