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Mark Morris's Gear

Here is a listing of the gear that I use and recommend.  If you find something that interests you, consider using the links below, and help support my efforts to bring great quality gear reviews and information coming your way!  In some cases they are affiliate links with the manufacturers, and in some cases they are Amazon affiliate links.  Every little bit helps!!

That being said, for several manufacturers I have links that will provide a discount to you, the buyer, but I will not receive a commission.  Anytime I have a way to save you money, I will use those links.  Enjoy!

If you have something in your kit that you feel is an even better option, let me know!!  I'm always looking for innovative photography-related products to review!


Sony a9


After 37 years as a Canon shooter, I finally upgraded to Sony for the 2019/2020 wedding season.  It was a long time coming, and I certainly had hoped Canon would come up with a viable mirrorless offering, but after their first couple of mirrorless cameras, I decided that it would be smarter to move over to the Sony system, than to wait for Canon to catch up after allowing themselves to fall 5 years behind.  I haven't had ONE regret since switching!

Studio Strobe

Godox AD600Pro


This is an incredibly indoor/outdoor studio strobe!  I received it for a review from Godox, and put my Canon speed lights up for sale 4 days later.  The color consistency is absolutely top of the line.  Build quality vastly exceeds anything I was expecting!  The trigger is extremely intuitive and easy to use.  I'm still migrating over to the Godox eco-system, but this is my first light of theirs, and they won me over!  This is a better light than many that cost 2-3 times the price!


Sony 24-70 G-Master


Odds are if my 70-200 isn't on my camera, it's probably my 24-70.  This is a phenomenal walking-around lens.  I don't really like it for portraits very much, although this series II is super sharp, but at the 24mm length I find it really useful for landscapes, if I don't want to lug a 16-35 along with my set-up.  It covers an extremely convenient focal length range.


Sony 85mm 1.4 G-Master


This is probably my favorite lens for portraiture.  Well... at least it's one of them!  The bokeh and sharpness are both stunning, this lens renders incredibly.  


Sony 70-200 f/2.8 G-Master


This is a staple lens that I simply could not go without!  The G-Master version is insane!!!  Incredible focus speed, unparalleled sharpness, and renders stunningly.  This is my baby!


Sony 100-400 G-Master


This lens has been my go-to for birds and surfers for a long time.  If my pockets were bottomless, I think I would already have moved over to the 200-600.  I'll get there eventually, of course :)

Ball Head



For over a year now, I have been shooting exclusively on FLM ball heads.  The engineering and design is absolutely fantastic, the build quality superb, and they offer two specific features that I haven't found in any other ball head, and I love them both.  the 15-degree pano knob sets you up for a great panorama shot, by 'clicking in' every 15 degrees.  You can engage or disengage this feature at the twist of a knob.  The other feature is the "tilt lock."  You can tighten down a knob which will take away one of the gliding axis options from the ball head, so instead of moving all around, it will just move exactly vertical.  This is again great for a vertical panorama.  The quality of this ball head is absolutely phenomenal.

Tripod Legs

FLM CP-30 L3Pro


A few summers ago I reviewed over 40 tripods!  At the end of that whole fiasco, I had the easiest time picking which one I was going to use on a permanent basis.  My choice was FLM.  For the same reasons I listed in the ball head section - engineering quality is sky high, and the quality of the manufacturing is just amazing.  These legs are a tremendously stable, sturdy set of tripod legs. 

One good testament to the quality: I was given FREE tripods galore during those reviews.  I had products in hand that I didn't have to spend a penny to keep and use.  On the other hand, I was NOT given the CP-30.  I bought this tripod outright, instead of using a free one, because I want this level of quality sitting beneath my camera.  It was worth every penny, and I would do it again in a heartbeat!  

Travel Tripod

FLM CP-26 with CB-38FTR ball head


This is hands-down the most finely made travel tripod I have ever seen.  It has the build quality of the finest full-sized tripod.  You are giving up none of the quality if you use this amazing piece of equipment.  The only thing that you do give up is some vertical height.  I am working very closely with the Canadian rep for FLM, and I should be able to facilitate special pricing for my readers.  If you are going to purchase an FLM product, let me know, and I'll set it up!

Focusing Rails

Novoflex Castel-Cross Q system


The Novoflex focusing system is honestly the very first one I ever tried.  I can't offer an objective comparison versus any other product on the marketplace, but what I can say is that it's magnificently built.  It works perfectly, does exactly what it's supposed to do, and how it's supposed to do it.  Precision German engineering at its finest!  Use the code: MORRIS17 at checkout for a 10% discount!

If you don't need the cross version, you can get a single rail for basically half the price.  This is literally two focusing rails mounted to each other, and they come apart into two individual racks whenever you don't need both x and y axis movement.

Flash Modifiers



MagMod is a whole series of different modifiers that attach to your flash via magnets.  You get a silicone band that attaches to each of your flashes, which contains two very strong magnets.  Each of the modifiers connect to that main grip.  You can use grids, gels, diffusers, shoots, creative colors, a 'beam' that projects funky patterns... it's an incredibly diverse tool, and allows so much creativity!

Carrying System

Spider Holster Pro


Much of my gear has grown out of reviewing products.  Hands-on experience with a product is easily one of my favorite things about being a reviewer!  That is exactly how I stumbled upon the Spider Pro system.  I reached out to Spider to review their belt, which they sent along with their Spider Pro Hand Strap.  Since then I have used it constantly!  I shoot two different camera bodies, so I purchased a kit to expand the single belt to a dual belt.  I can now carry two bodies.  I do a lot of surf photography in the summer, where I'm just wearing swim trunks, and the belt still does the trick perfectly!  It's absolutely amazing, and with the belt all that weight is gone from my neck, and my back pain that I used to endure after weddings and events is completely gone!  The hand strap is perfect to just add a bit of reassurance that you won't accidentally drop the camera while not using a neck strap.  They also have a number of additional pouches and items which I have not yet explored, but I'm quite sure I will at some point.  I recommend the Spider Pro system to anyone who doesn't already use one... you will love it!


Breakthrough Photography


My very first major comparison review article was for photographic filters.  I covered 33 different filters.  I tested them and shot with them for a summer, and came to one realization.  Even though they are not the most expensive filters on the market, Breakthrough Photography are simply THE BEST!  From an image standpoint, there is virtually zero color cast, and they are incredibly sharp!  Junky filters will really interfere with the sharpness of your image.  From a construction standpoint they are wonderfully built, with brass (new models use titanium) rings around Schott glass.  The rings have ribbed outer edges, giving you something that you can grip to remove from your lens.  Breakthrough also has great lens caps, step rings and Arca-Swiss plates.  Just an awesome company!

Filter Holders

MindShift Gear Hive


It took me far too long to find this great carrier!  There are actually four different filter carriers, but I am linking to the one I use, the Hive.  It holds up to 6 drop-in filters and 6 circular filters, plus there's a little zipper pouch in the front which is perfect for holding the extra screws and screw driver for drop-in filter holder extensions.  This is an example of a product that is perfectly designed for a specific use.  Way to go, MindShift Gear!!

Messenger Bag

Think Tank Signature 13


The Signature 13 is actually covered in depth in one of my reviews.  I review a TON of camera bags.  When I requested one of these from Think Tank, I wasn't really planning to actually use the bag.  I was going to use it for a week or so, get the information for my review, and then move back to my previous bag.  That never happened!  It has been my main bag since the first time I checked it out.  The materials that it is made from are luxurious and have a very 'high-end' feel.  The design and layout of the bag is as close to perfect as anything I have ever found.  The ONLY thing I have ever complained about with this bag is that it wont accommodate a 15" MacBook Pro.  

Backpack/Roller Bag

ThinkTank Streetwalker Rolling Backpack v2.0


The Streetwalker rolling backpack has both wheels AND shoulder straps.  There is also a telescoping handle for the roller bag function.  It pairs perfectly with the Signature 13.  For a general use backpack this is absolutely perfect.  It isn't a true hiking backpack, though.  

Color Management

Datacolor Spyder5 CAPTURE Pro


This is a complete color management solution, along with a micro adjustment target for lens calibration.  When you start to get serious about printing, one of the first things you realize is that colors are never consistent from a monitor to a printer, or to a print lab.  This set of tools includes a monitor calibrator, a color checker for your shooting workflow, and a white balance tool.  I would be lost without it!

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