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Luminar 3 - Try it for Free!

Hey gang,

Luminar 3 was just updated, and they have given me a code for everyone to try it for free for 30 days!

I have been trying the newest release, and it has worked just fine on my 2017 MacBook Pro. Some folks have reported stability issues and problems. There is a huge update coming to fix that. But the best thing about Luminar, if you decide to buy it, it's extremely affordable, and NOT a subscription. You buy it once, and you own it for good. It's very well worth taking a peek!

Skylum Software, the folks that bring you Luminar, also have an HDR editor that's super fun to use. Aurora HDR. If you want to check this out, here's the link to that software. It works very similarly, and again, no subscription!

Happy Shooting!!!

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