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The Best Investment You Can Make in Your Photography

Today is an incredibly exciting day!

For so many years, I have been passionate about my love of photography, and being a creative. We have this incredible community of photographers at the Photographers Cooperative - SO MANY readers, and our passionate writers, and we're about to make our little corner of the photography world grow so much larger!

I'm absolutely thrilled to announce that The Photographers Cooperative is now an official sponsor of the 2019 Create Photography Retreat.

What is the Create Photography Retreat? It's an opportunity for true community in the photography world. It's workshops, sessions... but it's all built around the principle of HANDS ON education! You will be shooting... a LOT! You will be learning from master photographers like Nick Page, Erica Coffman, Connor Hibbs, Richard Bernabe, Jenna Martin, Jeff Harmon, Heather Taylor, Greg Benz and our very own Alyce Bender!

When I first started the Photographers Cooperative with my fellow writers, being a part of something like this was always a part of our mission. After some incredibly exciting conversations and idea spinning with the Create Photography Retreat, this is going to happen so very much faster than we had ever thought!

So why is this called a retreat, rather than a workshop? Because the idea is for photographers from all around the US and Canada to come together and take a break from the day-to-day monotony, and to just delight in immersing themselves in an investment in the passion that connects us together. PLUS - there is a yoga room, meditation room, dry sauna & wet sauna... for some folks, maybe you will stop shooting a bit and enjoy the amentities!

Why are we partnering with Create Photography Retreat? It's really very simple... we share the same goals and mission! Photography can be a solitary thing if you allow that, but community and learning together and helping each other is SO MUCH BETTER! Since their goals and ours are the same, it's a perfect fit!

Is it expensive? NO!!! That's exactly why this is so incredibly cool. The retreat is priced so that everyone can find a way to make this happen for themselves. The early bird price is just $417.00. (T he price raises by $20 0n November 30th.) But to make it even crazier, Create Photography Retreat has offered the discount code "Allin" to Photographers Cooperative members. That code is good for our first 20 members who register. That's $362 to work with all of those AMAZING photographers that are listed up above. Truly... that's crazy.

What if I'm not one of the first 20 to register? You will still have an opportunity for a discount as a member of the Photographers Cooperative community. If the Allin code is all used up, just use "Photoscoop" and you will still receive $30 off of your admission to the retreat. But seriously - just register early, and get the additional $25 off!

What is included? The admission fee covers ONLY your admission to the retreat, and your lunch on Friday, put on at the hotel. Your hotel accommodations and travel to/from would be additional. Even with those items factored in, it will still be one of the least expensive photography learning opportunities you can find anywhere.

Is there a deal with the Westin Hotel for a good rate? Oh heck yeah! The rate is only $123.58 per night, TOTAL! No additional taxes, resort fees, parking fees... and if you decide to find someone to split that with, you will be staying for just over $60 per night! Once you register for the retreat, you will receive the link to register for your hotel room.

What if we want to come early? A number of the presenters will have their own separate sessions available the day before the retreat. If you have a particular photographer that you are really interested in learning from, you could check these out as optional add-on workshops!

Come and be a part of the most amazing group of photographers and photography enthusiasts there is! See you in Vegas!

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