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Peak Design's New Travel Line Announced!

Today brings some exciting news from the great folks over at Peak Design have just announced a brand new Kickstarter Campaign for several new items! Clearly the target with this campaign is to help photographers with packing and traveling with their gear.

Included in this campaign is a 45L backpack that looks incredibly interesting. Here is the information provided by Peak Design:

"The hero of the Travel Line is the Travel Backpack 45L, a carry-on sized backpack that boasts a collection of best-in-class travel functionality. In addition to full rear access for easy packing, the bag features dual side access, top access to laptop/tablet, and a dedicated front-access organization panel for smaller items. Beefy shoulder and waist straps stowe instantly beneath a magnetically sealed back pad. Expansion zips allow the bag to grow to 45L check-in size, while an innovative compression snap system shrinks the bag down to a 35L daypack. Thoughtful details include 360-degree grab handles, a duffle/luggage carry handle, theft-deterrent zips, hidden passport pockets, a soft-lined sunglasses pocket and tuck-away external carry compression straps. The Travel Backpack comes with a weatherproof 400D nylon canvas shell made from 100% recycled plastics and available in black or sage colorways."

The retail price on the 45L backpack will be $299, but the Kickstarter price will be $235. Of course this is the perfect spot for the expected caveat: Kickstarter is not a store! It's always possible for a Kickstarter project to fail, but in the case of a well-established company like Peak Design, I would certainly assume that you are much less at risk than if you decided to back an unknown entity.

There are other product being launched within this kickstarter as well. There's a whole series of packing devices for cameras, clothes, shoes, toiletries... basically a complete set-up for the traveler. This is a very interesting line-up, and I'll be very interested to see them once they are in the marketplace. Prices are very reasonable, ranging from $29 for several, up to the most expensive one which is an $89 camera packing cube.

CLICK HERE to view the Kickstarter page and sign up for some (or all!) of the newest products from Peak Design.


Mark is a professional photographer working in the eastern United States. He is based in suburban Philadelphia, but shoots regularly in New York and eastern North Carolina, as well. Specializing in wedding & portrait photography, he is particularly a obsessed with capturing special events, moments and emotions.

On August 2nd, 2018, Mark will be presenting a series of classes at the Cardinal Camera in Charlotte, North Carolina. These same classes will be taught in the Lansdale, PA location in the Fall of 2018. If you are interested in attending a free photo meet-up, Mark and Tracy Munson will be leading a free photography meet-up in the Bay of Fundy region of New Brunswick, Canada. You can connect with either of us in the Photographers Cooperative Facebook Group, and we can add you to the private group with all of that information on the meet-up!

In November, 2018, he will be presenting a hands-on gear show through the Pennsylvania Center for Photography. Details about that opportunity will be available as the date gets closer!

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