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June's Contest: Epic Post-Processing

A huge shout out and thank you to Greg Benz, the mastermind behind Lumenzia. He has just released a video course called Exposure Blending Master Class, and as a teacher, just looking at the contents and the structured layout of this course, it's going to be AWESOME!!! I will have a full review of the course later this month.

So... the prize this month will be a copy of this masterclass, AND a copy of Lumenzia, if you don't already have it.

Rules to enter are super-easy:

1. You are ineligible if you have won our monthly contest in the past year.

2. You may submit up to 5 edited images in the thread we create in the Facebook group "Photographers Cooperative"

3. Each entry must include a before & after image - what the image looked like Straight Out of Camera, and what it looked like when you were finished editing. You don't have to make a fancy side-by-side unless you want - you can put the entry in one comment, then just put your original under it as an additional comment.

4. Greg Benz will be our guest judge for June, and he will pick the winning image.

5. If you don't have a Facebook account, you may submit it via Instagram, use the hashtag #photoscoopJune2018

That's it!! Best of luck to all of you, we're excited to see everyone's post processing endeavors! Also - feel free to give a little run-down of what you did, and how you did it, if you would like. Not required, but it's always great to learn from each other!

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