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Photography Meet-Ups

Several months ago, Catherine Johnson, a member of our Photographers Cooperative Facebook group, posted an inquiry in a different group about having a free meet-up. That other group had previously hosted a number of free meet-ups for their readers. While the leadership of that group didn't ever reply directly, someone else suggested: "Hey, why don't you just do one?" And so she did! At just about the same time, she actually won a monthly Photographers Cooperative contest with an image of a lighthouse and the night sky behind it. She set up a group to go visit the Outer Banks in North Carolina, to photograph lighthouses, sand dunes, and all things "Outer Banks, NC."

Our meet-up group in the Outer Banks ended up being small, but mighty! Our host, Catherine plus Karen & Donna, plus my wife for moral support (she's not a photographer.) We had an absolutely phenomenal time sharing shooting ideas, comparing everything from cameras to tripods to camera bags and filters... all of the things! But most importantly we made great friends, and we all came away with some images we were incredibly excited about.

And that leads me to our big announcement... the very first "Photographers Cooperative Free Photography Meet-up!"

Fishing boats, beached at low tide in Alma, on the Bay of Fundy in New Brunswick.

Our meet-up is going to take place in August, 2018, from Friday the 24th through Sunday the 26th. The location: The Bay of Fundy area in New Brunswick, Canada!!! One of our co-founders, Tracy Munson, just recently moved to that area, and she will be our guide and hostess! There is a ton of camping nearby, as well as other options for lodging. We'll be photographing lighthouses, quaint fishing villages, covered bridges, and we will have plentiful wildlife viewing opportunities!

Among our other destinations will be Fundy National Park, and Hopewell Rocks.

The whole idea behind this meet-up is to share our knowledge, love and enthusiasm for photography with everyone that is able to attend! Tracy will be sharing out more detailed articles on many of the places we will be going over the coming weeks.

If you are interested in joining us for this free photography experience, send a message to either Tracy or Mark, via Facebook, and we can add you to our Meet-up page that we will use to share out information and details. If you are not a Facebook user, just email me, using

For folks interested in a paid photography workshop, let me also mention the upcoming workshop I am doing in conjunction with Connor Hibbs, one of the hosts of Portrait Sessions Podcast. We are presenting a really neat range of information at the 155th annual Gettysburg Re-enacments, from July 6 - 8, 2018. The first day will be Connor's lighting techniques workshop, followed by two days of action & portrait photography out at the reenactments! More information can be found right here.


Mark is a professional photographer working in the eastern United States. He is based in suburban Philadelphia, but shoots regularly in New York and eastern North Carolina, as well. Specializing in wedding & portrait photography, he is particularly a obsessed with capturing special events, moments and emotions.

In July, 2018, he is teaming up with Connor Hibbs to offer a special 3-day workshop in portraiture at the 155th annual Gettysburg re-enactments. If you are interested in Portrait Lighting, and action portraiture, you can learn more about that opportunity here.

In Fall of 2018, he will be presenting a hands-on gear show through the Pennsylvania Center for Photography. Details about that opportunity will be available as the date gets closer!

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