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MindShift Exposure 15 Review

Just this past week, MindShift Gear released a brand new shoulder bag. It's an outdoors, all weather bag that includes some absolutely spectacular features for the photographer who isn't afraid to go out shooting in the rain. In the video below, I take an extremely thorough look at this bag, and show it with a whole lot of camera gear loaded in. (I don't always publish articles about the stuff I do video reviews for, so please consider liking and subscribing to my channel for more reviews and information!)



The most beneficial part of this bag is that it is a VERY roomy 15" bag. I easily fit a large DSLR with a 100-400mm lens, plenty of room to spare. In addition, I had three other lenses, a macro focusing rail, a flash, all of the tripod and body straps, a 15" MacBook Pro, and absolutely tons of room for other items. This is a really spacious shoulder bag. I really wish ThinkTank (their sister company) would do the exact same thing with their Signature line of bags and create a Signature 15!

Photo of the interior of the bag filled with gear

The materials used are definitely intended for water protection and weather purposes compared the exquisite styling of the Signature bags. It uses a sail cloth and has special water resistant zippers. The base is completely waterproof, heavy tarpaulin.

water resistant zippers

There are a lot of little loops and connection points for other devices. I show in the video how the Hive filter holder attaches. Actually, I showed how to completely mess that up, but then I showed a photo of the correct installation. Below you'll see a photo of the Spider hook and a Peak Design capture clip mounted on the bag.

Anyone who has used ThinkTank or MindShift Gear bags before will know that you also get a rain shield with every one of their products. This keeps up that fantastic tradition, even with a water treated bag! It's a superb touch.

All-in-all, this is a phenomenal value at $169.99. (This is an affiliate link, if you opt to use it, I will get a small commission - I'd really appreciate your support.)

I'm absolutely thrilled with this bag, and I plan on using it constantly when I'm shooting in North Carolina at the shore. The water protection is GREAT for so many different situations, including by the ocean. I'll check back in after a few weeks of use to update on my opinions, but having just taken this out for the very first day, it's a GREAT bag, and one that I think an awful lot of photographers will want to own!

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