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Our Winner - January 2018

A heartfelt congratulations to Emanuel Ribeiro for winning our January contest: "Reflections" with this beautiful photo entered via Instagram:

Here are a few words from Emanuel on capturing this lovely image:

I used to go to this bridge often and I finally decided that I wanted to do a good picture of it. It took me three weeks going backwards and forwards at different hours, searching for the right angle and light.

When I got out to go and shoot this particular dawn, I almost lost all my hopes as I noticed the cloudy sky. Despite the completely cloudy and closed sky I went anyway as I was already up and out.

Arriving there I noticed my tripod was broken (an old tripod that I used to have) and again, I almost thought my trip was going to waste. But I still decided to try it and this was the outcome.

The Canon EOS 450D that I used with the EF-S 18-55mm (Canon) was a good combination that morning.

I’m very happy with the result although I think I wouldn’t do it again the same way that I did.

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