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Learn Flash Photography - 4 Beginner Skills

"Do I still create natural light photos? Of course. A good natural light photo can be stunning. This isn't an issue of natural light versus artificial light. This is about being prepared for any situation and for expanding your creativity." - From "Learn Flash Photography - 4 Beginner Skills" by Aaron Taylor

Throughout the photography community, there is a certain myth, or aura about flash photography. Many photographers use the "natural light photographer" line when they describe their work. There could be any number of reasons why they use this line, but when it comes to photography, no matter if it's natural or artificial light, it's all about CHASING THE LIGHT! Photographers Cooperative member Aaron Taylor, based in Columbus, Ohio has written a great introductory piece about the use of flash in photography for someone that is new to the skill, or art. Feel free to head over to his site and read up all about how you can start using another source of light in your photography.

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