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MindShift Gear Pouch 4 Review

About a year and a half ago, I picked up a small, inexpensive action-camera to add to my arsenal of photographic chaos and mayhem. Along with the camera came an assortment of knick-knacks and other accessories. Ever since I have had this camera, storage has been somewhat problematic.

The storage problem came when I went to Costa Rica last summer to shoot a wedding. I had to find a hole in my bag to store the camera. Due to my storage issues, in the middle of the wedding day, I lost the camera. Yeah, that was not good. I later found the camera in the bag, but the wedding was over. I had the camera stored loosely inside a waterproof case, inside my main bag, so it got lost in the abyss. That's why my main camera bag has been replaced.

One evening I was perusing MindShift Gear's website when I found a solution to my action-cam issue. Enter the MindShift Gear Pouch 4 case. Designed to store up to four action cams and accessories, the case also easily fits into its own area within my new camera bag, also from MindShift. The action-camera bag measures 6.7” W x 2.6” H x 7.1” D. It is made out of 100D ripstop and 200D polyester. The build quality is fantastic, and the overall appearance gives one the impression that Mindshift made sure quality would take precedence.

On the inside, the main compartment is completely customizable. There are several dividers supplied so the user can setup the compartment like they want. While I only have the one camera for now, I am able to store it inside a waterproof case along with another waterproof case in one divided area. The other areas are where I store a couple of odds and ends.

The lid portion of the case has two clear compartments that are perfect for batteries, memory cards, or anything else small.

The Gear Pouch series of bags from MindShift is a perfect storage solution for anyone who has one or several action cams in their photographic arsenal. If you would like to check out the MindShift Gear Pouch 4, or any other product from Think Tank or MindShift, head over to

Catch some upcoming articles from Mark Morris as he will be reviewing several similar bags. Hailing from the nether regions of the Oklahoma Panhandle, Stanley is the master of creative chaos and mayhem at When Stanley is not kicking it with his family at home, he can be found pursuing his photographic goals. Some of those goals include seniors and weddings, thunderstorms, night skies and sports (mainly rodeo and off road racing). Some of the other corners of the web you can find Stanley's work include:

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