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Photo Contest for January: Reflections

The new year often brings with it a time of reflection on the year past. We reflect on how we have succeeded and failed, how we have grown, and perhaps how we have stagnated. So in this spirit, the title for the January photo contest is simply: "Reflections."

Submissions for this contest can be extremely literal... physical reflections create both a symmetry and a visual continuity that make for fantastic photos. But it may also be something much more abstract and meaningful to each artist. If you go the abstract route, share a story with your post! Let us know what makes you tick.

Entering is easy, either add your photo in the comments below this post, or you can share on Instagram, using the hashtag #photoscoopreflections #thinktank and #mindshift on your post! Each photographer may enter up to five images, and Photographers’ Cooperative members and our families are not eligible to win.

The winning photographer will be able to chose from any ThinkTank or MindShift Gear bag that I have ever reviewed! I'll be reviewing at least 3 more of their bags in January, plus I have previously reviewed a ton of their bags, so you will have a huge variety of options, to fit your own style/needs! I'll share various bag reviews in the Facebook group over the month.

We're very excited to see your work reflections!

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