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MindShift Photocross 13

The great folks over at MindShift Gear recently sent me their Photocross 13 for my thoughts and a review. This bag is a sling-type bag, and it is touted as completely weatherproof. It has weatherproof zippers and materials throughout the construction of the bag. In addition, it does have a rain cover just like every other ThinkTank and MindShift Gear bag I have ever received. I have not had this bag out in a rainstorm, but it certainly feels and looks like it will be incredibly protective of your gear.



This bag is incredibly comfortable to wear. The shoulder strap where the weight is distributed onto your upper back and shoulder is nice and wide. It rests on your shoulder very comfortably and easily. Since it wraps around your body similar to a sash or a baldric, it is incredibly secure and stable. You aren't going to accidentally drop the bag when in its normal carrying position.

As pictured on the right, the bag comes with a set of tripod loops, which can just as easily be used to secure your jacket if you are out on a hike without a tripod but want to take off your jacket. Just strap it to the bag, and you do not need to carry a jacket separately. The straps for the loops are included, which you'll find in the inside compartment. On a scale of 1-10, I would rate the comfort of this bag a solid 10. It is incredibly well designed.


The bag will comfortably carry a full-frame camera with the standard "trifecta" of zoom lenses (16-35, 24-70, 70-200). The way the bag is shaped, one end is wider than the other, and due to that tapering, you need to insert the 70-200 unmounted, in the wider end. The 24-70 fits in mounted on the body right in the center, then your 16-35 on the skinny end. Of course there are tons of different options and configurations. In addition to the two inserts that come set inside the bag for the 3-compartment configuration I just described, it also has two additional dividers tucked inside so you can make other configurations for smaller cameras or different setups.


Here are the dimensions directly from the MindShift Gear Website:

Exterior Dimensions: 12.6” W x 17.7” H x 7.1” D (32 x 45 x 18 cm)

Interior Dimensions: 9.4” W x 14.2” H x 5.5” D (24 x 36 x 14 cm)

Laptop compartment: 9.1” x 13” x 1” (23 x 33 x 2.5 cm)

Maximum weight (with all accessories): 2.4 lbs (1.1 kg)

Shoulder strap length: 42.5–62.2” (108–158 cm) (includes length of product)

Waist belt length: up to 63.8” (162 cm) (includes length of product)

Volume: 11 liters


Again, the following materials information is directly from MindShift Gear.

Exterior: For superior water resistance, all exterior fabric has a durable water-repellant coating, plus the underside of the fabric has a polyurethane coating. The bag also features highest-quality YKK® weatherresistant zippers, 420D high-density nylon, heavy-duty nylon Tarpaulin, 350g air mesh, nylon webbing, 3-ply bonded nylon thread.

Interior: Removable closed-cell foam dividers, P210D liner, polyurethane backed velex liner, 2x polyurethane coated 210T seam-sealed taffeta rain cover, nylon binding tape, 3-ply bonded nylon thread.

Alternative Use

MindShift Bag containing ViewSonic Projector

For any photographers that are using a projector for in-person sales, I have found that this is the PERFECT bag for carrying my ViewSonic projector. I removed all of the dividers, and the projector fits in snugly and securely. I do not have a 13-inch laptop to try out the laptop compartment with the projector. I use a 15-inch. If I get an opportunity to borrow someone's 13-inch to try it, I'll certainly update this review. It will be a tight fit, but if that works, it is an awesome solution for a traveling display-setup for anyone needing to transport a projector with a laptop. This front zippered pouch is perfect for your power cord, remote control, and connecting cable(s).

Where to Buy

When this brand new bag hits the market, it will be at $129.99, a fantastic price for such a well-made bag. Using my affiliate link, you will receive a free gift and free shipping. Shop here specifically for the Photocross. Shop here for the rest of the MindShift Gear line.

Final Thoughts

This bag is perfect for someone who is looking for an extremely rugged, waterproof, protective bag. The only real drawback is that it is just big enough to fit the items described above. Don't plan on fitting in a bunch of other items. It will be full with the camera and three lenses. That being said, for a hiker, or someone who is traveling, who simply doesn't want the bulk or weight of a full-sized backpack... perfection.

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