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A Photographer's Guide To Booking More Clients Now

"I want to share with you my own journey of how a few small tweaks in my attempt to optimize search engine results has led people to my website and new clients flooding my inbox with inquiries."


Do you feel like you have a website full of awesome photos that no one ever sees? Welcome to the club. Sometimes, trying to get eyes onto the awesome content on your site can feel as though you're screaming into the void.

Unfortunately, a picture is not worth a thousand words, as far as google is concerned. You are going to need written content and lots of it. If the very thought of blogging makes you groan, and you think SEO stands for "Stupid Enigmatic and Objectionable", you're not alone. Help is at hand - this very straightforward article by Erika Sneeringer offers some super simple tips that any photographer can follow to increase their website's visibility in searches and start booking more clients now.

I personally picked up a few tips from this article that had me slapping my forehead, they were so simple and obvious and yet...I wasn't doing them. You can bet I'll be making some changes, post haste!

- Foreword by Tracy Munson

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