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April's Photo Contest Announced!!!

Landscape photo by Nick Page Photography

For the month of April, we have a really exciting giveaway prize! Courtesy of Chris Smith, the founder of Out of Chicago, we are giving away a seat at the upcoming Summer Workshop!!! You can check out the amazing list of photographer/educators they have over at the workshop webpage, but the include names like:

  • Nick Page

  • Scott Kelby

  • Manny Ortiz

  • Joe Edelman

  • Tony Sweet

  • Aaron Nace

And about twenty-five others!!!

The name at the top of that list, Nick Page, has been active in our Photographers Cooperative Facebook Group since the very first day we were formed. Most of our current readers already know and love his humble yet masterful teaching style. He is the host of the Landscape Photography Podcast. If you don't already know his work, you definitely need to check him out over on YouTube, Instagram, and at his website. He leads amazing workshops all around the world, and shares out an endless stream of absolutely breathtaking images on his social media feeds.

So the rules for entering are easy:

1. You may post up to five (5) Landscape photos.

2. Tag the photos with the hashtags #photoscoopApril2018 and #OutOfChicago

3. Our panel of writers will each pick our favorite submission

4. Our Grand-Master Guest Judge, Nick Page, will pick the winning image on May 1, 2018.

The winner will receive full admission to the Summer Conference, held June 22-24.

The winner is responsible for their own transportation, hotel, meals and other incidental expenses. The prize is for the registration at the conference, only. ($500 value.)

For those who don't win the contest, you can get a discount when you use Nick's discount code for registration: Page50

Good luck!

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