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August 7, 2018

Lensbaby has a new lens out today, and it is delicious. The Sol 45 creates the yummiest background blur that looks like painterly brush strokes, straight out of the camera. I've been fortunate to have my hands on a beta version for several weeks now. (It has been HARD...

June 2, 2018

The Photographers' Co-operative is super excited to announce our first free photography meet-up in New Brunswick, Canada! We'll spend three days and 2 nights, from August 24-26th 2018, photographing lighthouses, beaches, towering rock formations, covered bridges, water...

July 31, 2017

Most times, I don't happen to have my "big girl camera" handy and lights all set up when my pets decide it's time to do something adorable. My phone is always within arm's reach, and I'll bet yours is, too. Here are some tips for taking better pet photos with your phon...

July 27, 2017

Somehow, I "organized" my life in such a way that I was away on a three week camping trip, home for three days, during which I worked 30 hours at my day job, then moved to a friend's house an hour and a half away for a three week pet-sitting favour.  Oh yeah, and I bou...

July 27, 2017

Nothing adds atmosphere and dimension to your photos quite like fog. Finding the right conditions is only half the battle; fog can be a tricky muse to capture. Don't despair! Follow these 6 tips for photographing fog, and you'll be creating moody masterpieces in no tim...

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